Warm Air central heating provides quicker warm up times, plus it can incorporate a water heater.

Warm Air is introduced into the room via discreet diffusers which leave wall space free for easy positioning of furniture. Modern warm air heaters with electronic controls provide stable room temperatures, excellent comfort conditions and greater fuel efficiency, all combined with a smooth and quiet operation. Modern air heaters have intelligent control systems that monitor the control of the appliance ensuring the most efficient operation, savings up to 18% on the running costs of the older style systems.

Most modern air heaters now offer the option of an integral domestic hot water circulator. Mounted within the air heater it provides efficient and economical hot water. Larger output circulators are available on some models to supply hot water to radiators as well as domestic hot water.

Failsafe heating are trained and accredited to install, repair and service warm are units. For further information contact us.